Call for Proposals

Submit a Session Proposal

Session Proposal Submission Deadline: October 1, 2023

Notification of Session Proposal Acceptance: October 15, 2023

We invite proposals for conference sessions featuring research projects and best practices that highlight both the conference theme and supporting STEM workforce development. 

Abstracts can be submitted for sessions in the following formats: workshop, symposium, or panel. You may select only one session format. 

Workshops. Abstracts (up to 250 words) should provide attendees with models, methods, and hands-on tools that can be adapted to other classrooms, programs, and populations.

Two types of workshops are available: Hands-on interactive sessions (1.5 or 3 hours) and Focused seminars (1.5 hours) on a single topic.

Symposia. Concurrent symposia feature 20-minute presentations, each followed by a 10-minute open question and answer period. Abstracts for symposia presentations must include rationale, design, research results and/or program outcomes pertinent to the conference theme.

Complete symposium proposals may be submitted consisting of no more than three (3) presentation abstracts (up to 250 words)  centered on a specific topic or objective. Complete Symposium proposals must include a parent abstract that provides the session overview to be presented by a moderator, and three presentation abstracts (made by one individual even if co-authored), for a maximum of four presentations. Time limitations for each presentation are the same as described above.

Panel. Abstracts (up to 250 words) should provide attendees with a description of a 1-hour panel featuring no more than four panelists and a moderator. Abstracts for panel presentation must include target audience, objective, rationale, and desired outcomes pertinent to the conference theme.

For all session proposals, submit a session proposal form by the submission deadline. 


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